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Cult of Chucky (2017) download

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  • Director :

    Don Mancini

  • Stars :

    Jennifer Tilly , Brad Dourif , Fiona Dourif , Alex Vincent , Summer H. Howell , Michael Therriault , Grace Lynn Kung , Elisabeth Rosen , Zak Santiago , Ali Tataryn , Marina Stephenson Kerr , Allison Dawn Doiron , Adam Hurtig , Aidan Ritchie , Matthew Stefanson

  • Genre :

    Thrillers / Horrors

Being a big fan of the franchise about the adventures of the doll-killer Chucky, I was very glad to hear the news about the continuation of this series of films. The creator of the franchise Don Mancini promised to take into account all the mistakes of the most unsuccessful film of the franchise "Chucky Progeny", compared his new film with large-scale projects such as "The Beginning" of Christopher Nolan, promised us the bloodiest part of the franchise with elements of a psychological thriller and promised us to clarify the intricate ending of the previous film .

In the end, what did we get? I'll try to explain in detail my vision regarding this film.

In my opinion, the "Chuckie Cult" came out much weaker than the previous film "The Curse of the Chuckie", which was really a pleasant surprise for the fans of the red-haired doll, and indeed the classic horror. Being a low-budget video "The Curse of Chucky" had a very interesting, thought-out plot imbued with the atmosphere of the original first two and most successful parts of the "Children's Games". Fans of the franchise thanked Don Mancini for this film and hoped that he would reanimate his offspring, returning to him the spirit and atmosphere of the original. Constant rumors about the film, posting all kinds of shots on the Internet from the filming, intriguing promises of the director called to watch this film. After all, we, fans of the Chucky doll know and love this red-haired shorty, do not we? And we are really very interested to see his new adventures, hear his breathtaking laughter, quality black humor or vice versa the tense atmosphere of the original films. Each of us expected from this movie something of his own - a terrible Chucky or funny, but I'm sure that everyone needed an exciting, thoughtful and interesting film. Personally, I saw the original trailer expected to see a decent blood slasher, no more, in the end, my expectations were not justified.

To begin with, the storyline of the film is very delirious. Mancini brewed a whole mess and confused himself in his intricacies. Why put Andy Barkley in the same film from the original "Children's Games" and Jennifer Tilly of "The Bride of Chuckie", "Chucky's Progeny"? These are completely different films that should not in my opinion be interconnected. Why bind a black comedy and a horror film together? Why bind the "Chucky Progeny" and "Children's Games", which are different as heaven and earth in relation to each other? What did Don Mancini want to show us here? Your love for the whole franchise? If it is so (and most likely it is) it is not very interesting for us, because we want to see a sane, interesting, thoughtful continuation of the legendary killer doll, and not just admiring it through a new film.

Having looked "Cult of Chucky" there is such impression, that the franchise has exhausted itself. All the chips (middle finger of Chucky, licking Tiffany's knife and cutting the throat to the policeman, repeated phrases from the previous parts) are already fed up. I want something new, original. It's like the fifth part of the "Ice Age", where the restless squirrel is trying to catch his acorn - it was funny to watch initially, but the monotonous feature copied in each subsequent part eventually became very boring and even began to irritate.

I wanted to see Chaki's confrontation with Andy Barkley, with the other heroes of the previous parts, in the end we will not see anything of this. There is no action, intrigue for this movie. To survive from the main characters at all for somebody.

The image of Nicky in the performance of Fiona Durif in this film is less elaborate than in the "Curse of the Chuck", no sympathy for this hero, I did not arise.

Jennifer Tilly, playing Tiffany strongly replayed and annoyed with her presence. Being already far from a young age trying to build himself a beauty from the "Bride of Chucky", shot already almost the whole 20 years ago. And Tilly looks really good for her years, but her game seemed to me somehow unconvincing and false. In "The Bride of Chucky," she was much more gormanically fit into the image of Charles Leigh Ray's girlfriend.

Murders in the film are spectacular, but, and because of the small budget, do not look as impressionable as from the same "Chuckie Bride". Well, you can not save on bloodthirsty scenes. In the end, I would not say that the "Chuckie Cult" was the bloodiest film in the series. "Chucky's offspring" and "Bride of the Chuckies" in this plan clearly win.

A lot of questions leave after watching this movie, while he did not completely reveal the ending of the previous picture. What eventually became with the girl Ellis? How did Andy shoot Chucky? How did Tiffany find Nick? Questions of a similar kind are just a bunch of answers we will not get answers to.

Don Mancini is trying to play a psychologist and it comes out very badly for him. This psychology and the general story-telling senility "The Chuckie Cult" is very similar to the sequel to Rob Zombie's "Halloween" remake, where Michael Myers walks without a mask and sees a white horse with his mother. Here Chucky appears in different images and even quantities, and the cheap budget is very striking. No resemblance to the "Beginning" of Christopher Nolan

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