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Revolt (2017) download

  • Year:
  • Country:

    United Kingdom, South Africa

  • Director :

    Joe Miale

  • Stars :

    Lee Pace , Bérénice Marlohe , Kenneth Fok , Tom Fairfoot , Alan Santini , Noko 'Flow' Mabitsela , Edwin Jay , Barileng Malebye , Ingmar Büchner , Carl Roddam , Steven Ward

  • Genre :


The real fantasy and a good fairy tale about the opposition of brave people with mysterious newcomers. A novelty from an unknown director with little-known actors. If we take as a basis the Hollywood landmark, then the budget of the picture is lower than the average for world understanding, but super-big for our cinema. If something like this were removed from us, then this would be an event of the year, which trumpeted through all channels and more than once. And this is an average fantasy with elements of an action movie and a roadmoney.

The plot is very simple and will be understood by every spectator. The structure of the narrative is based on the trivial aspects of any story with a clearly expressed problem in which the hero, in order to achieve his goal, must get from point A to point B. Therefore, the whole hero, along with his beautiful companion, overcomes the dangerous path for universal victory. In this film there is no semantic load and the attempt to make an unexpected ending looks faded and unconvincing. Any experienced cineman will unravel the finale already at the beginning of the film, so there is nothing extra to expect. You just have to watch and watch the adventures of the characters.

The film takes place in Africa, because all Western countries have already been destroyed and all of humanity is on the verge of extinction. The militant soldier of the American army comes to his senses in the prison of a small African town. He does not remember himself and his name, but he knows that he must do something important. He gets acquainted with a beautiful woman doctor, with whom, in the end, and begins his long journey, endowed with deadly danger and hidden suspense.

I will not condemn or justify the choice of entourage of extraterrestrial beings or mechanical machines, as in this case, because this is the vision of the director and the authors of the project. Let them seem ridiculous or funny to someone, but even this is quite watchable and interesting.

Technically, the production looks very convincing and impressive. Scenes of destruction or battle scenes look impressive and at a decent level. And let the computer graphics with little flaws and stands out on the screen, but in general everything looks quite good. A one-time strong movie for all science fiction fans.

Enjoy watching.

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