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Annabelle Creation (2017) download

  • Year:
  • Country:


  • Director :

    David F. Sandberg

  • Stars :

    Anthony LaPaglia , Samara Lee , Miranda Otto , Brad Greenquist , Lulu Wilson , Talitha Eliana Bateman , Stephanie Sigman , Mark Bramhall , Grace Fulton , Philippa Coulthard , Tayler Buck , Lou Lou Safran , Joseph Bishara , Alicia Vela-Bailey , Lotta Losten

  • Genre :

    Thrillers / Horrors

Why do we go to horror at all? - so:

Adrenaline / thrill / scene scream. There were some really terrible moments, but if, for example, in "Escape us from the evil one", the whole movie was shackled by a chilling consternation, then at times there was a nervous laugh that slightly reduced the adrenaline.

Atmosphere. Than I like the series of "Spells", so it's a measured and convincing thickening of colors, in this the creators are really good. The sensations of the old house, creaks and drafts, gloomy secrets and sinister presence - all right. And this infernal doll. Yes, you can just look at it and be horrified at it.

Monsters. I put it in a separate category, because every self-respecting creator of horrors must necessarily have his own corporate identity, a chip or something like that. Here the main character is an eerie doll. Unfortunately, it can not be surpassed even by the terrible-fearless black demon. But the pressure is non-stop plus. It seems that they attack on all fronts - provocations, infection, necromancy, illusions - it's powerful. It seems that there will be no salvation anywhere. Even somehow too harsh for one demon. But if he waited so long, it is understandable - sublimation to the good will not bring.

Plot. In the beginning, history makes a steep turn and, with a gloomy clank, lies in the mind, which sets the tone for the subsequent events. But in general, everything is pretty common for this genre. Wins the quest. Sometimes annoying stupidity of characters, but in the genre of "horrors" - this is an indispensable attribute that should be taken accordingly. In general, it is connected.

Actor play. Very good! The girls tried. The film almost reaches the psychological drama. I would like more of their stories.

Meaning. There is. Occult-religious nature in the first place. Morally-moral too. Well, you can scrape together, you can.

Aftertaste. Gloomy, painful, unpleasant. Passed.

Summary. Do not like people with strong nerves - nedozhali. Liked the romantic people with a subtle emotional organization and a penchant for melancholy.

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