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Poster Boys (2017) download

  • Year:
  • Country:


  • Director :

    Shreias Talpade

  • Stars :

    Sunny Desol Bobby Deol Shreias Talpade Sonali Kulkarni Tasha Bhambra Somes Aharwal Samrat Raichand Randheer Rai

  • Genre :


  • Premiere :


Three friends who work as porters and from morning till late evening are hunching for pennies, become famous for the whole city. And all because their picture, in an incomprehensible way, appears on a huge poster, and later these posters begin to appear in different places around the city. Friends become the faces of a pharmaceutical company that advertises a vasectomy, a procedure that makes a man barren. Soon, the boys begin to learn on the street and release unambiguous jokes in their address. The frustrated friends are trying to figure out how they ended up on this ill-fated photo and whether they are entitled to a fee for such advertising ...

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