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All Nighter (2017) download

  • Year:
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  • Director :

    Gavin Wiesen

  • Stars :

    Analeigh Tipton, Emile Hirsch, J.K. Simmons

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Life is truly amazing. You can spend your whole life willingly to build and plan your future. Let him limit himself in dreams and looking at everything with sober eyes, but one can never be sure of what the next turn of your life might turn out to be. Able to change your life once and for all. This is what happens in the life of the protagonist of Martin's tape, who is experiencing a break with his former beloved, unexpectedly discovers on the threshold of her father looking for her own daughter.

The plot of the picture is a rather interesting compilation "Visits blindly", "To be in time before midnight" and other films with a similar theme "incredible adventures for one day / night." Practically playing on the screen the main components of these paintings in a virtually original form. When wanting to find his own daughter, Frank Gallo is forced to resort to the help of the last person to whom he would turn - to her ex. Even without knowing it, the source of such exciting adventures, intense events and a crazy trip will be his search around the city.

The absence of some kind of author's handwriting and unwillingness to bring something new into history certainly affects the quality of the narrative. Doing what is happening on the screen, though not quite predictable, but sufficiently dry and superficial. Not allowing history to develop better and further put. But certainly winning the last 30-40 minutes of the picture. Where the main moral of the picture begins to unravel, which allows for the end to be imbued with a certain sympathy for what is happening.

When Ginny's immediate search turns out to be a metaphorical search for each of the main characters in the picture, which is completely different. Justifications for the years of missed moments in the life of his daughter for his father and the necessary incentive to continue to live on and do it successfully from scratch for her former. Heroes are changing. Enmity and hostility are replaced by a strong male friendship and for all this you observe with a certain similarity of interest.

This film directed by Gavin Viesena is a symbiosis of the genres of "buddy-movi" and "road-movie" on the screen. But if usually such a format of the movie appears in a purely pop-corn cinema, then the director's desire to beat this in the form of an author's indie movie certainly gives the picture some kind of originality. In fact, creating a very pleasant atmosphere indie film, but missing the comedy potential of the tape and completely forgetting about the need not to make the viewer laugh, at least to make him smile simply. Thus, almost without realizing either as a comedy or as a kind of drama. Than and causing a little ambiguous impression when watching a tape.

The main pleasant element of the tape is a remarkable actor's play of JK Simmons and Emil Hirsch. It can not be said that these are the best works in the work of both artists, but the actors really did their best. Having created on the screen very interesting and natural images that merge into a fairly charismatic actor's duet. Complementary and significantly changing each other as the narrative progresses. It's a pity that I do not want to single out anybody else from the cast of actors. Since no one is remembered at all. Including Analy Tipton, which played its role on the screen is extremely unwilling (judging by the emotions) and very superficial.

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