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Goon: Last of the Enforcers (2017) download

  • Year:
  • Country:


  • Director :

    Jay Baruchel

  • Stars :

    Elisha Cuthbert , Liev Schreiber , T.J. Miller , Wyatt Russell , Seann William Scott , Alison Pill , Jay Baruchel , Kim Coates , Callum Keith Rennie , Marc-André Grondin , David Paetkau , Andrew Herr , Jason Jones , Sylvia Zuk , George Tchortov

  • Genre :

    Comedy / Sports

  • Premiere :


What is known about Canada? There nothing happens, great hockey and cheap filming of serials. With the cinema, unlike soap, the Canadians somehow do not really. But, 6 years ago, the light was seen together with the star-striped neighbors picture "Goon" with a funny and not devoid of charisma and talent by Sean William Scott, Liv Schreiber and young Canadian actor Jay Barushel. The plot of the picture was quite original and the film, though it did not have enough stars from the sky, nevertheless worked well. The history of the career of a stupid bouncer in hockey in the position of tafgaya turned out to be quite funny and fresh. It remained to wait for the continuation of the massacre on the ice. And a couple of years ago work on the sequel began. The entire cast and position of the director did not change from the original film, which is very useful for the sequel. But, a year ago, the director suddenly left the project for the job took Jay Baruchel. For a skinny young actor from youth comedies, this experience became the debut in directing a feature film. Before that, Jay just filmed a couple of episodes of the series and a short film. And this work can be called almost author's, because he also worked on the script, albeit in co-authorship, but still.

So, according to the plot of the sequel, the events unfold a few years after the original picture. The protagonist Doug became the favorite of the Highlanders team and continues to defend the forwards on the ice from other tafgays. All this idyll collapses after a collision with an unexpectedly strong opponent and after receiving considerable damage, Doug is forced to leave the team and live a quiet and quiet life for his wife and his own health. But can he do something else? After all, everything he owes to his career - his fists. And the only thing that he knows how - to beat out his teeth and cut down the thug.

Jay Baruchel was definitely able. In the picture there is an even though uncomplicated plot. Everything is logical, consistent and funny. Humor in half the cases, of course, wildly assorted, but sometimes still works, which is extremely difficult, given the "potential" of garbage and around-the-box humor. The other half laughs with the foolishness of the protagonist, who takes everything literally to the forehead. But, for all Dag simplicity, the character has one outstanding quality, in addition to the heavy right hook. Doug Glat - very kind, friendly and charming in its simplicity and naivety character. And to look at such a hero is a pleasure. Dramaturgy is not at all, rather there is a meaningful parody of epic sports dramas and this part in the film turned out to be a strong five. Pompous speech, training in the style of "Rocky" and the resentment of the surviving wife. All this is organically performed - an additional plus to the actors. Accompanying all the good dynamics of the picture. Between humor and the chamber problems of heroes, the battlefield serves as a link. Brutality and blood are a bonus.

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Goon: Last of the Enforcers (2017) Film movie Goon: Last of the Enforcers (2017) download free torrent Full HD 1080

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