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Ballerina (2016) download

  • Year:
  • Country:

    Canada France

  • Director :

    Eric Summer , Éric Warin

  • Stars :

    Elle Fanning , Dane DeHaan , Carly Rae Jepsen , Maddie Ziegler , Terrence Scammell , Tamir Kapelian , Julie Khaner , Joe Sheridan , Elana Dunkelman , Shoshana Sperling , Jamie Watson , Bronwen Mantel , Mel Brooks , Ricardo El Mandril Sanchez , Kate McKinnon

  • Genre :

    Comedy / Cartoons / Adventure / Family

  • Premiere :


By non hollywood animation made known to be discriminated against - the so-called powers nekinematograficheskih no scope Hollywood computer graphics, no multi-million dollar budgets, neither of talented writers. Tridtsatimillionny French-Canadian cartoon "Ballerina", on which its creators have worked neither more nor less than six years, his appearance at once dispelled the stereotyped is a great cartoon, technical implementation and scale their performances worthy rebuff best Swatch Disney \ Pixar, DreamWorks Or Illumination.

Red-haired orphan Felis, dreaming of becoming a famous ballerina, is making several unsuccessful attempts to escape from the orphanage in order to get to the famous ballet school in Paris. When the next of them is crowned with success, Feliz travels to Paris, arranges a cleaning lady in the house of a rich patron of art, whose arrogant daughter, like Felis, dreams of ballet. When the young rich woman receives a long-awaited letter with an invitation to a ballet school, Felis decides on an unheard-of audacity, posing as herself. However, getting into the ballet school is one thing, quite another, to stay in it, having passed through all the circles of the ballet hell.

Writers 'Ballerina' have decided not to go beyond the terry stamps - any more or less familiar with the life-affirming stories about the thorny path to the top, the plot of "Dancers" will seem bland and predictable. On the other hand, even such a respected pillars of animation, like DreamWorks and Disney \ Pixar not disdain clichés and dies, what to say about the director, both of whom "Ballerina" was the debut in the great animations? Especially since even a set of clichés, they manage to convey to young viewers is quite digestible moral they do not even try to convince the young dreamer, that any of them are easily able to conquer the stage of the Mariinsky Theater once - because of the ease, lightness and graceful ballet movements are often hidden blood And perspiration. And although there is no blood or sweat in the "Ballerina" due to the age rating, the little ones watching what efforts Felice is worth every ballet pas will understand everything themselves. Coupled with great traced postcard views of old Paris and life-affirming story about the way to a dream, "Ballerina" is transformed into a magnificent specimen of negollivudskoy animation, unable to be spoiled even two obvious disadvantages - not entirely successful soundtrack (although "The dancers' passion revolve around" The Nutcracker "by Tchaikovsky , The heroines will perform fouettes under some pop ballads), and the limited target audience-the dads accompanying little girls to the cartoon, as well as their brothers, the story collisions Ballerina "will be uninteresting. But this, I repeat, irrelevant claims to a technically well-created cartoon.

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