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Limitess 2 Season download

  • Year:
  • Country:


  • Director :

    Douglas Arniekoski, Peter Werner, Mark Webb, ...

  • Stars :

    Jake McDorman Jennifer Carpenter Hill Harper Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio Tom Dayan Colin Salmon Michael James Shaw Ron Rifkin Michael Devine Megan Guinan

  • Genre :

    Detectives / Thrillers / Fantastic

  • Premiere :


The whole story is similar to the novel and film. The new Yorker the Get brown - life was a complete loser, loser have missed out on many crucial opportunities in my life.

Previously, Bryan was having his own music group "Absorbed twin," he wrote for her music, but she soon broke up because of him.

Now he no money, struggling to make ends meet. To somehow make a living playing and singing in night clubs and eateries. To all this a deadly disease ill his father was.
Quite desperate for any success, brown suddenly meets a school friend Eli.

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As it turned out he became the richest banker. But not casual, and with the help of a special drug NZT-48.
The effect of NZT-48 makes the brain of each person work is not 10% as common as 100%, making the patient an absolute professional in any field you want.

Eli invites Brian to try miracle pill,

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