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Beatriz at Dinner (2017) download

  • Year:
  • Country:


  • Director :

    Miguel Arteta

  • Stars :

    Salma Hayek , John Lithgow , Connie Britton , Jay Duplass , Amy Landecker , Chloë Sevigny , David Warshofsky , John Early , Enrique Castillo , Soledad St. Hilaire , Amelia Borella , Sean O'Bryan , Natalia Abelleyra

  • Genre :

    Dramas / Comedy

A poor, good-natured Mexican, fond of alternative medicine, is forced to immigrate to America. After moving Beatrice settles in California, where he opens his practice, finds regular customers, achieves certain successes through hard work. Once, after working with a wealthy patient, she could not go home, because of an unexpected car breakdown. She has to agree to a request to stay for dinner in a luxurious mansion. Only very rich people gather at the table, including an unpleasant, arrogant billionaire who finances construction work in the region. A humble, ill-mannered businessman frankly neglects the minor, in his opinion, achievements of an unexpected guest. He does not conceal contempt for a poor foreigner, constantly mocking her.

Up to a certain point, a well-bred, wise woman restrains herself, having difficulty controlling the emotions that require withdrawal. She behaves with dignity, supporting conversations about all sorts of human ailments and ways to heal them. But the narcissistic, rich man, accustomed to universal worship and unquestioning acceptance of all his tricks by others, transcends all bounds. Every human patience has a limit. A strong, self-sufficient healer, who has strong life convictions, gives a rebuff to the arrogant fugitive. She appears in an unusual appearance before people who know her for several years and are confident that she is a meek, quiet, defenseless person. Two parallel worlds meet closely, which leads to the inevitable clash of interests and opposing opinions. A difficult meeting fundamentally changes everyone present.

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