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Resident Evil: The Final Chapter (2016) download

  • Year:
  • Country:

    USA, Germany, France, UK, Japan, Canada, South Africa, Australia

  • Director :

    Paul W.S. Anderson

  • Stars :

    Milla Jovovich, Iain Glen, Ali Larter

  • Genre :

    Action / Thrillers / Horrors / Fantastic

Ten little Indians went to dinner,
One choked, there were nine left.

The last chapter of the legendary epic zombie apocalypse threw the fans into the endless ocean of samsara. Like a snake biting its tail, the narrative brought them back to the sinful Raccoon City. Scale destruction from a bird's eye view, a yawning hole about the size of a quarter and mutants waiting for rare travelers in the most unexpected places.

Against the backdrop of a dull urbanistic landscape, barely shifting her legs, Alice wanders, wandering. Dirty-green water brings her back to life. Greedily scooping up the poison of the new world, she feels a rush of new strength. What is it worth her wonder-body to strangle with a million bacteria and viruses? This is nonsense after the terrible experiments of the corporation. And the strength of the poor thing will be needed in the next second. The danger jumps out of the depths of the ocean. Monsters. Mutants are now swimming, flying, running. The whole world breathes death. And this is a successful part of the allegedly last film.

From the first shots it becomes obvious that the mutations have made a peculiar turn of evolution, and the world has sunk into such a deep pit of waste that the revival of the former world order becomes questionable. So almost the eternal scriptwriter-producer-producer Paul Anderson tries to convince us of the logic of the villainous plan. The corporation "Umbrella" decided to destroy humanity, without creating anything stable and special. As if it boils with rage for a by-product of their unique scientific work - the well-known, eternally hungry dead. Let them die, sucking their own flesh.

Undoubtedly, the center of the detachment of heroes is the only one who conquered mutations, a man - Alice. It is difficult to understand why she meets another group of survivors. A couple of familiar faces from the very first franchise films will please your gaze, but not for long. Where did the heroes of the last stories go? Do not hammer the head, dear moviegoer. Accompanying only the extras, whose purpose is to tickle our nerves and gradually die on the way to the very heart of the anthill. And here begins the ruinous place of the script. Thin bridges between events, the cause-and-effect relationships of what is happening on the screen are barely visible under the wreckage of the destructive action.

But the author takes out all the ancient chips, which led us to delight in the past decade. Here, and miraculously survived an anthill, and the main villain of the corporation, and crowds of fleeing dead, and the corridors of a secret object with its secrets and dangers. Even the laser grid on the new side plays one of the scenes. In my subjective opinion, it was the first three films that became the anchor, nailing thousands of fans to the screens for years to come. Anderson of the same opinion. The Red Queen intercepts the reins of government.

Appearance of the digitized spiteful girl for some reason has changed. The secret will understand only the examined history to the end. Mentally returning in the years of the birth of hundreds of dead people, I can hardly push this script of phony into my head. Although the bacchanalia of experiments, clones, mutations can generate and not that. But the unraveled mystery of resistance to the mutations of the main character puts before us another big question. Why is she like this? As if thrown out of time ...

The last chapter, completing the franchise, should eliminate questions and tie all the pieces together. The retelling of history, even before the beginning of a new one, successfully copes with the task. Perhaps, this is another advantage of the sixth film. It can begin to watch any viewer to fall in love and return to the previous parts. And there are plenty of places that amaze the eyes. Open the scene with a flaming skyscraper. It is also impressive in a fleet trailer. Only that will shake to the depths of the soul of a seasoned zombie-action fan? Flipping through an ancient photo album and memories of the good old days?

Death is just the beginning. In this Paul Anderson excelled. After putting a few question marks under the curtain of the last part and throwing a whole collection of updated mutants into history, he again leaves the door ajar. It remains to wait, how many moviegoers will vote with a coin. The race of the first weekend won with a triple lead split. I would like to hope that the lesson will be taken into account and the future scenario will be filled with more meaningful dialogues. Although what can you talk about in a fight with mutating dead?

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