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El bar (2017) download

  • Year:
  • Country:

    Ispania Argentina

  • Director :

    Alex de la Iglesia

  • Stars :

    Blanca Suárez, Mario Casas, Carmen Machi, Secun de la Rosa, Jaime Ordonez, Terélé Paves, Joaquín Clement, Alejandro Awada

  • Genre :

    Comedy / Thrillers / Horrors

I love Spanish cinema, although I saw and not so many representatives. There is in him something of a kind, not inherent to anyone else. Here we take the same Hollywood, and imagine that they will decide to shoot something similar to El Bar. Although why imagine, you can just remember the same "Phone booth" with Colin Frarrell. Actually, something similar I expected to see. But no. Not even close. And the phrase "the same eggs only in the profile" will not be relevant here. In Hollywood, with such a string, with very few exceptions, the viewer will wait for something on very serious cabbage soup, and even at all - with ambition to research (not ridicule) human nature, and it's a pathetic 90-120 minutes.

Here everything is much simpler, but it is not less interesting. A non-standard situation is created, an unlimited number of random people are put into it. But what is most surprising is that very soon something happens. Moreover, the explanation is given firstly to the logical, if it leaves some questions, then only on trifles, and secondly it is very provocative. They say on TV is a complete lie, and the authorities have a lot of secrets, for the preservation of which in secret, many innocent goals can fly.

Actually, the main characters, among them the charming beauty, a homeless man who went to religion, office plankton, a policeman dismissed for drunkenness and a few more unremarkable in terms of his daily activities, find themselves in such a situation quickly do not care about the question "why me?" . Would survive. Not to high matters. Actually this is what they are doing. They are engaged, in my opinion, very plausible, without moving off the reels one after another with a five-minute interval, as often shown in something similar films.

At the same time, all the seriousness, somehow surprisingly, borders on the camera and sound absurdity, which, the authors seem to want to emphasize, that in any madness one can and should keep his head and remain a man, even if for this, at best, And bathe in uncleanness. And really, the one who thinks with his head (not only about himself), survives, but does not give way to panic and pokes in all the pistols.

Well, what about the country of production and the difference of Spanish cinema from the same Hollywood - do they ever see a movie in the United States (I'll be glad to be mistaken), where a homeless person like Jesus with a pipe will run down the sewer for a half-naked glamorous girl And her companion in misfortune, while sypily quotes from the Bible interspersed with sharp jokes. Unless it's a second-rate horror. And El Bar, I would not hesitate to call a serious film, while filmed at full relax.

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