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First Kill (2017) download

  • Year:
  • Country:


  • Director :

    Steven S. Miller

  • Stars :

    Bruce Willis, Hayden Christensen, Gethin Anthony, Magee Avila, Charlotte Kirk, William DeMeo, Tamara Belous, Heather, Ohansen, Tyler John Olson

  • Genre :

    Action / Thrillers

Learning about the son's school problems, and more specifically about bullying by peers, the young father arrives in the US, drags the offspring to hunt, in order to develop in him the real masculine qualities. Instead of going to the director, an explanation with the class teacher. Daddy, by the way, has a high position in a certain company, he turns in big money. A .. Can a school bully son of the director of this very campaign? Is that why Hayden is such a spineless family man? But not everything is so bad in the house there is a rifle, which means God bless America, and in the young son the uproarious spirit of the ancestors of the pioneers will rise, and the son will rebuff the offenders!

So thinks the dreamy father of a city banker who decided to raise in the son of Volchenok among the forests, when in fact followed, his mother so to the director to go. In ten years the kid will come with a edge to the school ball, skillfully hidden under the gowns of the graduate's robes. Oh yeah.

The well-being of betraying to the hunting craft was interrupted by the dismantling of third parties, during which the boy was kidnapped, and grief, the educator will have to urgently rack up a lot of bad things to bring his son back. Bandits then hike beasts once loomed in the district where the sheriff himself Willis "Nut" ...

Hammered off from the time of the revenge of the Sith of Hayden, he was shattered, he had already come down to S. Miller, with his prolific passion for introducing ex-stars into the projects, although S. Miller, it's not so bad if you recall the alternative entry into Sarik Andreasyan in 2014 -m. But there is more "missed", with everyones it happens. Willis, Hayden's partner in "The First Murder" here is out of habit, for beauty and because of money naturally. Bruce did not care, he was at the peak for a long time, behind a burned bald head there are dozens of worthy tapes and reference works, so you can forgive and forget about cooperation with Stephen S. Miller Bruce. Numerous "Planet Hollywood" themselves will not pay rent, we all understand Bruce.

No, the couple did not "light" the spark did not flare, the action sluggishly fluttered. Somewhere against the backdrop of endless forests. Willis immediately has a hard deuce, for just no acting. In "Marauders" he poorly shone with gray hair, but at the same time he managed to burn, and not sloppily. It's like pushing to understand who's here on the plowed field. In the first Kill, as expected Bruce got the role of the second plan. Typical to the pain of the district sheriff, with typical phrases, thereby squinting, and the very history of relations with ex-wives and women in general. Bruce plays nothing, no, "the very same" charisma of Bruce Willis, there is not that slipping joke, and malice. There was a very pale image of a respected actor, who was starving at the director-director on second roles. Did you get sick? Or appropriately subabat, the devil knows, never had to see such an abstracted Willis on the screen, from the role of abstracted.

Kristenson is fine, hitter burrs, and sponges sponges, a pay-banker. And should be, his mother, a stern father, did not understand Hayden how to approach the role, and ruined it. And S. Miller, suffered, was silent why the process of what was happening on the screen became even more mournful. But the experience of different roles in Hayden is still rich, and mystical thrillers, and fantastic fighters, hell. Caught the question? And whether S. Miller participated as a director, and not simple about was present on the court, shifting his duties to the darling of Christensen and beaten by the life of a cop.

The plaintive plot, however, is compensated by the presence of a suitable pioneer, in Miller's team. On the landscapes and the night forest, it's nice to watch, well, when never an easy action, shob boolo, as they say. Meanwhile, the eleventh picture of the director, and still the same nonprofessionalism, with the potential (from a cheap thrash kin about zombies to films with Willis and Cage, it's still a success), resources and a suitable operator, is lacking the scenario Veins and its incarnations, for it is always languid and tasteless, although it baked such eminent pieces.

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