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Anthropoid (2016) download

  • Year:
  • Country:

    Czech Republic UK France

  • Director :

    Sean Ellis

  • Stars :

    Jamie Dornan, Killian Murphy, Brian Kaspe, Karel Heřmanek, Khana Freikova, Shawn Mahon, Jean Hayek, Marcin Doroczynski, Toby Jones

  • Genre :

    Biographies / Military / Historical / Thrillers

At the time of Nazi Germany's invasion of the territory of the sovereign countries of Europe, Reinhard Heydrich, a very prominent political and military figure responsible for pacifying Bohemia and Moravia, a man who almost knocked down proud Czechoslovakia, expressed particular fierceness and confidence in his indisputable actions. One name of Heinrich was enough to put fear in people's minds. And now we are honored to find out who was behind the organization of the assassination attempt on such a famous Nazi commander and what it eventually led to.

"Anthropoid" narrates about the critical task of the deuce of the Czech underground activists, Jan Kubis and Joseph Gabchik, who must organize the murder of Heinrich in the shortest possible time. Having received all the necessary permits, the soldiers in all possible ways are trying to translate the task into reality, sacrificing everything that they have. The iron fist of Heinrich almost leaves them no chance, but if they can not fulfill the intended, no one will do it.

Unlike most recent spectacular, but completely meaningless films about the Second World "Anthropoid" differs a special concentration of attention on the characters. The director tried to disclose the characters of Kubish and Gabchik in the smallest details, so that we really get along with them. Of course, both resistance differ from each other in their outlook on life, which periodically leads to rather tense moments, but they clearly understand what depends on them, achieving their goal through pain, doubts and fears.

Personally for me, a special revelation of "Anthropoid" was Jamie Dornan, previously starred in the notorious "50 shades of gray." It was very difficult to perceive him as a serious dramatic actor, but he still managed to surprise. His hero turned out to be moderately lyrical and emotional, giving the plot a special emotional depth. I also liked the eternal pet of Christopher Nolan, Killian Murphy. He got the role of the leader of the team, tough and effective Josef Gabcek. Murphy managed to create a complex, multifaceted image with mixed morals.

Such films as "Anthropoid" leave a very long aftertaste. The story told by Sean Ellis needs to be felt by the heart, to reveal it gradually and not to make hasty conclusions. We saw the other side of the war, and it is not so simple ... I think that "Anthropoid" paid attention to itself in full.

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