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Órbita 9 (2017) download

  • Year:
  • Country:

    Columbia Ispania

  • Director :

    Hatem Hraiche

  • Stars :

    Clara Lago, Alex Gonzalez, Andres Parra, Belen Rueda, Christina Lilly, John Alex Castillo, Fernando Campo, Sarah, Deray, Paci Santamaria

  • Genre :

    Dramas / Melodramas / Fantastic

  • Premiere :


The director's debut of the little-known screenwriter, who put his hand to writing the action-thriller "Bunker". Producers of the project, apparently, were so keen on the script that they agreed to all the conditions of the script writer and even allowed to take the director's chair. A very expensive project was under close scrutiny of critics, which led to serious consequences. Many scolded the film for unconvincing direction, and some of them generally smashed the whole plot to pieces. But in the end, the viewer quite well took the picture and left pleasant reviews after watching.

Firstly, although with all the criticism of the critics, the plot of the story still keeps in suspense until the very end, surprising and shocking throughout the film. Secondly, the main character deserves special attention, since her elegant physical beauty and unrestrained passion in her eyes can agitate many men.

Personally, I really liked the movie. At once I will say that I was lucky, since I did not see the trailer in front of the open space. In the video itself, some important moments of the narrative narrative are already revealed, that's why unlike most people I really enjoyed all the story transitions and scenario hooks. I sincerely ask and recommend everyone who is interested in this film, and they need to be interested, do not watch the trailer, and immediately immerse themselves in the film. Believe me, you will be pleasantly surprised! According to the plot, a young girl flies alone in a spaceship for many years. She is from a family of colonists who went in search of new planets. Her parents left her as a child, and since then she was completely alone on the ship. But at one point, to her ship docked another space ship with a man on board. From this moment the whole exciting history of the film begins. I will not write about the consequences, because it needs to be seen, but the film is really interesting until the very end. In terms of genre, this is a romantic melodrama with all the ensuing consequences, and an action-thriller, amazing with its unexpected twists, and a real fantasy with a full cycle of drama. This film is ideal for loving couples to ask themselves afterwards: "And what am I capable of for love?" But the same picture is perfect for lonely viewers to completely immerse themselves in the events.

Recently, I'm more and more impressed by the efforts of Spanish cinema. With each new premiere, new horizons and opportunities for original ideas open up. So this time the picture pleases with its plot and bright actors.

The director seems to have a hot interest in the actress Clara Lago, that after the film "Bunker", he again invited her only in his movie. The girl to our viewer is also known for the films "Three meters at the sky level 2" and "At the end of the tunnel". Sparkling personality, beautiful facial features and an incredible figure are shown particularly subtly and unobtrusively in virtually every frame of the film "Orbit 9". All other characters just fade in front of the grace of the actress, turning the movie, as if in a love ode to the director. But seriously, this movie should not be missed. I recommend everyone to pay attention to it and enjoy pleasant feelings while watching.

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