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Supernatural 13 season (2017) download


We must admit that the series is magnificent and is the best in the genre of mysticism. In addition to mysticism, creators were able to combine drama, fantasy, thriller and detective.


The plot tells of two brothers who travel around the US on the Impala and deal with all evil spirits. Some were not so easy to kill, they even had to make great sacrifices, but still they managed to defeat the evil. In season 4, the angel Castiel appears, who from time to time helped Sam and Dean. With each season, the story becomes more exciting. And the end of season 8 was amazing.


The cast is magnificent. It is played very convincingly.

Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki have perfectly shown brotherly feelings. Let them with different characters and world outlook on the world, they are still together and ready to protect each other, and even go on a deal with the devil.

Misha Collins-classy turned out to be a character, here is his merit. And in general, the newly introduced angel, so sober and more realistic.

In general, the show really liked. I'm looking forward to the 9th season.

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