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Pitch Perfect 3 (2017) download

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  • Director :

    Trish C

  • Stars :

    Ruby Rose Anna Kendrick Elizabeth Banks Haley Steinfeld Natasha May Brittany Snow Anna Camp Alexis Nep John Lithgow Rebel Wilson

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Young and ambitious girls dream of fame, but they have little recognition in the local town or at their school. They dream of fame for the whole world, unaware of what tests will fall on their way. They are ready to prove themselves in what they know how to do, namely singing. Music and songs have become an integral part of their lives. Quite a little time has passed, when from amateurs and dilettante born musical performers. Choral singing was the beginning of a career, now they have public attention and it's time to move on. Once they were lucky to speak before the president of the country, but the performance turned out to be quite different from what was originally planned. What went wrong when & mdash; It's difficult to say, but the fact remains, then performance & mdash; A complete failure that undermined their reputation. Opponents do not slumber and are about to take their place, which can not be allowed. Rehabilitation is already planned, the long-awaited performance will take place at the World Championships, which is about to pass.

Such an emergency training mode girls are not remembered. Usually they had enough time to hone the dance to perfection, prepare the composition, learn the words. This championship is held every four years, so a second chance to rehabilitate will not be soon. The difficulty is not the lack of time, but the fact that the jury and other contestants are biased towards the Americans, which means that the difficulties are inevitable. It's time to break the stereotypes, bring victory to your country, become the favorites of the public. Will the beautiful singers achieve the planned? What awaits the girls after the contest?

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