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Darkest Hour (2017) download

  • Year:
  • Country:


  • Director :

    Joe Wright

  • Stars :

    Lily James Gary Oldman Ben Mendelsohn Steven Gillan Kristin Scott Thomas Charley Palmer Rothwell Ronald Pickup Hannah Steele Richard Lumsden Nicholas Jones

  • Genre :

    Biographies / Military / Dramas / Historical

  • Premiere :


Winston Churchill is one of the key personalities in the history of the UK, Gary Oldman is one of the key actors in the country, two of these blockbrokers will intersect in the territory of Joe Wright's new film "Hard Times," a military and political drama dedicated to landmark events from the life of the famous prime- Minister and history of the twentieth century.

Oldman is unrecognizable and, as always, great. Perhaps the odious actor will finally win the recognition of the Academy and receive the coveted Oscar?

Year 1940. Winston Churchill becomes prime minister of Great Britain - a country at war with the brown Nazi plague and standing on the verge of confrontation with the plague of red Communist - by two powerful powers that have already divided Poland and now with a wolfish appetite glance at other tidbits of Europe.

A hard time - which of the two evils to choose whom to support in the struggle, for a great politician Churchill understands that sooner or later the two militaristic empires will clash in a ruthless struggle to destroy each other. Both potential allies are frightened and disgusted, but the world is in a hard time, moreover, the island state is on the threshold of the Nazi invasion, the royal family treats the new premier with skepticism, and even its own party is weaving intrigues, so the ideals of freedom, liberalism and capitalism can wait until Victory, and for now Churchill will bet on the red ...

Lily James - in the role of Churchill's secretary, Christine Scott Thomas as wife - Clementine Joseier Churchill.

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