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Only the Brave (2017) download

  • Year:
  • Country:


  • Director :

    Joseph Kosinski

  • Stars :

    Jennifer Connelly Miles Teller Taylor Kitsch Josh Brolin Jeff Bridges Andie MacDowell Geoff, Stults James Badge Dale Ben Hardy Natalie Hall

  • Genre :

    Biographies / Dramas

  • Premiere :


The film's actions tell the audience about the events that took place in Arizona. It is famous for its droughts, where fires are always breaking out. And it would seem that the fire is no surprise, but the fire that occurred in 2013, struck everyone. After all, in that fateful year, the temperature exceeded +50. There was a strong wind, which with very high speed carried the arisen hearth in the area. And in just a few hours, the fire consumed the floor of the village. People were urgently evacuated. The fire was extinguished all together. But the most important saviors were the fire fighters. At that time, much effort was expended, but within a day the fire could not be extinguished. This film will tell you the fate of those people who survived this terrible accident.

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