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Sherlock [Season 04] (2017) download

  • Year:
  • Country:

    UK USA

  • Director :

    Douglas MacKinnon

  • Stars :

    Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman, Una Stubbs, Lu Shaved, Rupert Graves, Jonathan ARIS, Amanda Abbington, Natasha O'keeffe

  • Genre :

    Detectives / Dramas / Crime / Thrillers / Serials

Immediately I must say that I postponed watching Sherlock for a long time and even I can say that I never intended to watch it. The reason is simple, I really did not like both the actors neither Camberbatch, nor Freeman. And if the attitude to Freeman I changed after the shiny Fargo, then Camberbatch caused me a very big rejection. It happens that simply the appearance of the actor repels. But such a high score wherever possible, they forced us to watch this TV show.

The first surprise was timing and the number of episodes. On the one hand, I was glad that there were few episodes in each season, but that there, once or twice and obchelsya, on the other hand, upset the length of the series. But in the process of viewing it turned out the exact opposite. The series flew easily and quickly one after another. But I wanted more and more. In general, the further, the more you regret that so few episodes and seasons were filmed.

This is one of the few, and very few TV series, which radically changed the attitude towards actors. In the process of watching Freeman finally scored the missing points, which did not have time to dial while watching Fargo. As for Camberbatch, with his game he radically changed my attitude towards him. I do not even know, maybe it will be loud, but I think it's the best Sherlock of all. And in general, the acting is at a very high level, considering that this is also a series.

The main feature of the series is Sherlock for the first time working in the modern world. At first this idea seems silly and in the first minutes of viewing it seems that the authors have not gone to the point. But here in the process of viewing you realize that the idea worked perfectly. Some Sherlock's conservatism and rejection of some modern technologies, for example, the mobility of mobile phones, fit very well. Such insignificant moments make the viewer believe that Holmes is in front of us. The success of the idea is confirmed by a series that brings us to the past. Having looked at it, you understand that Sherlock in his time is also interesting, but not so much as in ours.

What can I say, an excellent and interesting series with a good deal of humor. There are some plot jambs, but which are easily forgiven. Ideal nothing happens. It's a pity that there are not so many serials of this level and when they end, it becomes somewhat sad.

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