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The Foreigner (2017) download

  • Year:
  • Country:

    UK China

  • Director :

    Martin Campbell

  • Stars :

    Jackie Chan Pierce Brosnan Charlie Murphy Cathy Lyung Michael McElhutton Eagle Brady Rory Fleck-Byrne Ray Fearon Simon Kunz Dermot Crowley

  • Genre :

    Action / Thrillers

  • Premiere :


In the center of the story is a veteran of the Vietnamese war Nguyen Ngo Ming, who first killed the Americans, and then the Vietnamese. The hero who has stayed after the victory in prison, escapes with his family from the country to Hong Kong. However, Thai pirates rape and kill two of his older daughters, after which the Mina route changes. He is in London, where he opens a Chinese restaurant in the southern part of the city and proudly watches the growing up of his youngest daughter, who turns into a beautiful young woman. At the moment when he thinks that all the misfortunes and horrors of his family are behind, the daughter and wife are killed in the terrorist attack organized by the IRA. Seeing that the authorities are not too zealously searching for terrorists, Ming decides to independently track down and destroy criminals.

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