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The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature (2017) download

  • Year:
  • Country:

    Canada, United States, Korea South

  • Director :

    Callan Bruncker

  • Stars :

    Will Arnett Katherine Heigl Maya Rudolph Jackie Chan Isabela Moner Peter Stormare Bobby Cannavale Tom Kenny Gabriel Iglesias Kari Walgren

  • Genre :

    Comedy / Cartoons / Adventure / Family

  • Premiere :


The second part of the adventure of the squirrel Zluka companions originates near the scene of the first cartoon. The shop with nuts was ruined, and the owners abandoned its structure, filled to the brim with unsold products. This inexhaustible nut Klondike was chosen by the fluffy beast, to which this state of things seems eternal. But one day the store is in trouble, and our heroes have to return to the park. However, the nature is also troubled - the greedy mayor has chosen the territory and wants to build an amusement park there. Zlyuk and his friends have nothing left but to act as a united front against human permissiveness.

Modern cartoons in their mass are mostly of the same type. If, at the dawn of computer animation, in the mid-90s, the viewer could easily distinguish Disney's work from Pixar's work, nowadays it is necessary to be a frequent visitor to children's sessions, to recall right away that Gadget Drew is different from the rabbit Judy Hopps.

Beautifully able to draw many, so the struggle for the viewer has shifted towards metaphysics - the thinner the moral, the wider the audience is covered. Sincere greetings to you, the creators of Zohotropolis!

Visualization of the second "Real Protein" is performed standardly qualitatively. The American-Korean team of animators worked hard on conscience, and released a bright colorful ribbon that could calm and pinch the attention of even the most restless little spectators. Observant adults should forgive the authors a small borrowing of the facial expressions of the cat from Shrek and a distant external similarity with the characters of The Secret Life of Pets, because the main target audience of the cartoon will not feel it anyway.

But in terms of the semantic load, the scriptwriter (who also directed the first part) did not manage to convey the subtext through the whole film with the same fine thread that he entered the plot at the very beginning. Distant hints of the desire of the masses to get simple ready-made solutions and mindlessly listen to the so-called "opinion leaders" turn into a direct reading of morals, which the main character puts into the ears from the big screen. In relation to the beasts, people are exposed either in a negative or neutral light, and this encourages the viewer to show sympathy to our lesser brothers. But the moderate ridicule of human vices in the image of the mayor-bribe taker and his prematurely obese from the permissiveness of the little girl after the equator of the tape turns into a frank grotesque and reduces the degree of empathy to the fluffy characters. The final confrontation acquires the features of phantasmagoria and can no longer be taken seriously.

But this is the details.

In aggregate, without inflated expectations, we can say that the rental went to another good family tape. On the screening, children will receive a charge of positive emotions, and their parents - an hour and a half of guaranteed rest.

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The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature (2017) Film movie The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature (2017) download free torrent Full HD 1080

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