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The Only Living Boy in New York (2017) download

  • Year:
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  • Director :

    Mark Webb

  • Stars :

    Kate Beckinsale Kirsi Clemons Pierce Brosnan Jeff Bridges Debi Maiser Callum Turner Faith Logan James Saito Andy McKenzie Doris McCarthy

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The main theme of the film will be the process of growing up. And the main character is a young man who has just graduated from college and is just starting his adult life. He was accustomed to living in the ideal world of his very good and respectable family, as if she was called prosperous. He has a mother and father, and they love him and each other. And everything they have is wonderful and good, home, warm family holidays, mutual understanding.

But one day in the movie The Only Living Boy in New York City 2017 online it turns out that not everything is as rosy and beautiful as it seems at first glance. By chance, the son learns that his father is not so perfect, and that, despite the fact that he demonstrates his love to his wife in every way, on the side he has a passion that he is very passionate about. However, despite all precautions, the truth nevertheless creeps out.

The son decides to stop this disgrace, in order to preserve his cozy and familiar world, with loving parents, such an understandable, native and harmonious. He decides to learn more closely the one that is a threat to his family and the familiar life of But it ends with the fact that the hero himself falls into the honey trap of the fatal beauty, not being able to resist her charm, attractiveness and undoubted intellect.

Madly in love with this charming woman, the young man begins to take all sorts of actions to achieve reciprocity, using the "good advice" of his neighbors.

What will end this dramatic story, and who, in the long run, will win the heart of a beautiful, seductive and mysterious woman can be found out by looking at this tense love-family drama.

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