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Detroit (2017) download

  • Year:
  • Country:


  • Director :

    Catherine Bigelow

  • Stars :

    John Boyega Will Polter Elgy Smith Jacob Latimore Jason Mitchell Hannah Murray Jack Raynor Caitlin Diver Ben O'Toole John Krasinski

  • Genre :

    Dramas / Historical / Thrillers

  • Premiere :


The events of the new film transfer all viewers to the last century. Here we will find out what kind of events happened in the United States of America. All of them occurred with central characters, the period was very difficult. The whole problem is that almost every city hated people who had a dark skin color, but why? They were constantly despised, and also never took to work. Such people suffered greatly because of that. They occasionally went to rallies to attract the attention of the surrounding people. A huge number of people were all frightened. They did not go out, as almost every passerby could take and attack them.

Thanks to viewing this film, you will be able to understand what all the same needed to be done to be treated normally. It turns out that a large number of residents wanted to return slaveholding, so that it could be used for oneself. But among those people there were also those who were against all that. The views were different, which resulted in serious quarrels and conflict situations ...

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