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Girls Trip (2017) download

  • Year:
  • Country:


  • Director :

    Malcolm D. Lee

  • Stars :

    Jada Pinkett Smith Queen Latifah Regina Hall Tiffany Heddish Lorenz Tate Kofi Siribo Deborah Iorinde Juan Gaspar Lara Grisse Vanessa Walmsley

  • Genre :


  • Premiere :


Romantic comedy Sweet girls will please girls and women of all ages. The plot develops around the friendship of four girls. In their lives there were many, they are equally beautiful, they call each other sisters and are ready to stand with a mountain for each other. School years are over. And so, they go to New Orleans for a music festival. But what can go wrong? Of course, a big city! Huge amounts of alcohol, dance floors, slipping out from under his feet under his influence, such inviting club novels. Girls get into various funny situations, argue and even quarrel a little. But what does not happen when girls drink a little? Their unexpected quarrels make the girlfriends think over their relationship again, they understand that long-term friendship and warm feelings are more important than the unexpectedly revealed sides of each other. No men, alcohol or a big city with their charms can not stand between real sisters. They return home together again and even closer. A pleasant comedy is flavored with good songs and the play of charismatic actresses like Maraia Kerry and Queen Latifah. Easy female humor is suitable for viewing both in a large company and for family viewing.

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