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The House (2017) download

  • Year:
  • Country:


  • Director :

    Andrew J. Cohen

  • Stars :

    Will Ferrell Amy Poehler Ellison Tolman Jason Mantuckas Andrea Savage Rob Hübel Mikeyla Watkins Andy Buckley Ryan Simpkins Sam Richardson

  • Genre :


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A married couple lives the same life as the rest. Both raise a daughter and wish for her only the best. Of course, without money in the modern world, there is not much that can be achieved - studying, all kinds of insurance, housing and ubiquitous food with clothes cost a lot of money. Spouses immediately begin to save money, so that their krovinochka did not need anything and did not think about where to get the necessary amount for what she would need at the moment. There is a considerable amount that imparts impure thoughts to the souls of the husband and wife. In the end, both lose their heads and spend a few days, until there is not a cent left of the old savings.

The realization of the deed comes too late. Spouses in a panic and can not forgive themselves such weakness. They feverishly ponder over the method as quickly as possible to earn the right amount of money, which leads to thoughts about illegal earnings. Soon the idea to equip an underground casino illuminates the mind of one of the spouses, and after a little doubt about the purity of the law, the heroes begin to implement the plan. They get into debt, but still create an illegal institution and soon start to get good money. The profit grows with the discontent of losing visitors and violations, which can entail a close attention of law representatives.

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