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The Book of Henry (2017) download

  • Year:
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  • Director :

    Colin Trevorow

  • Stars :

    Lee Pace Naomi Watts Jacob Tremblé Sarah Silverman Dean Norris Maddy Ziegler Faith Logan Wass M. Stevens Jaden Liberer Bobby Moinahan

  • Genre :


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The main heroine of the film has always believed that her family is exemplary. She has a beautiful sensitive husband who loves her and carries it on her hands. She gave birth to him two boys, who at school are considered the most capable and talented. It would seem that everything goes as it should. The woman has found her happiness and now she has only to live a long life together with her husband. She already dreamed of how they would babysit their grandchildren together, how they would buy a house by the sea and would spend all the holidays there in a wide range of families. But her dreams were shattered by a brutal reality. It turned out that her husband had long cooled to her and was waiting for a convenient moment to tell her about it. He was no longer interested in living together with a woman who did not like the soul in him. After the husband packed his bags and left, the main character realized that it was hard times for her, because now she was left alone with two children. However, she did not have time for sadness at all. Her beloved kids turned out to be real geniuses who develop faster than ordinary children, which means they need to give them much more attention.

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The Book of Henry (2017) Film movie The Book of Henry (2017) download free torrent Full HD 1080

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