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Lost in Translation (2003) download

  • Year:
  • Country:

    USA Japan

  • Director :

    Sofia Coppola

  • Stars :

    Bill Murray Scarlett Johansson Giovanni Ribisi Anna Faris Akiko Takeshita Kazuyoshi Minamagomoe Kazuko Shibata Take Ryuichiro Baba Akira Yamaguchi

  • Genre :

    Dramas / Comedy / Melodramas

  • Premiere :


Tokyo is the best place to get lost.

I met my daughter Francis Ford Coppola today, with this film. To me he seemed a little strange, aloof and alone. In general, a film with a character, and at the very beginning of the review I want to draw a small conclusion: Coppola skips her films through herself, she feels every frame and adjusts the atmosphere. Knowing the plot of the film "Somewhere" and "Difficulties of translation", you can safely say that Sofia loves the theme of loneliness. This film is very elegantly shot, very smooth, smooth and incomprehensible. He is mysterious, and the key to him is very difficult to find. But I was hooked, fleeting.

Two lonely souls Murray and Johansson. Both are so different, they do not fit together, but there is a connection between them, which is clear even without words, contact and mutual understanding, and still without words. Murray is a tall, middle-aged old man, plays like his appearance, nothing special, and there is a zest, there is an unusual charisma. Johansson is a beautiful, graceful, sweet young girl, performed the most memorable role for me (from her filmography) and impressed with her beauty, still her lips in thought. They are like two opposites, but love is a terrible force.

And there is love here unnoticed, I'm sure you will not understand that she was there at all. But what happens between the characters is a true novel, gentle and mysterious. This is a very light film, with a heavy sense in it. You will not even notice how it ends, but you will still understand its essence. I really liked the shooting. Tokyo is a beautiful city of contrasts, Sofia very skillfully and harmoniously plays with colors, which certainly gives the film even more charm. The humor in the film is very ambiguous, most of all the smile spreads from the phrase "Tear me my stockings" and from that evil simulator. If you are also alone, then after watching you will be sympathetic to the film, you will certainly like it. This is a very charming movie.

In the dry residue: Everyone is looking for understanding. I like the movie, which is why the review is green. Thank you for attention.

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