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A Ghost Story (2017) download

  • Year:
  • Country:


  • Director :

    David Lowry

  • Stars :

    Casey Affleck Rooney Mara Sonia Acevedo Carlos Bermudez McColpm Sepas ml. Grover Colson Daniel Escudero Kimberly Fiddes Tanya Foster Lisbeth Cardenas

  • Genre :

    Dramas / Melodramas

  • Premiere :


A person can not know at what point in time he will be overtaken by death. Someone dies in a car accident, someone from a long illness, someone for an unknown reason. They can be many, but the death of the main character came unexpectedly. A man still has to live and live, and instead his relatives mourn, prepare for a funeral. According to legend, the soul of the deceased leaves this world, then to reincarnate into another living being. So, there is a cycle of souls in the worlds, but in spite of everything the soul of the dead man did not go into another world, but remained in his own home. What was the consequence of such an offensive? Now she will not rest, she will walk a disembodied shadow around her former home, recalling the memorable events in the life of the deceased person. Here he first met his beloved girl, but now you can only remember about their long relationship and happy life together.

Accidentally he hears the call of help and sees her, which grieves at the untimely death of a loved one. The situation went too far & mdash; The stranger experiences serious mental disorders. If you do not help on time, it will be too late. There is no one around who could soberly assess the situation and take action. The disembodied state does not allow the spirit to speak, the interlocutor will not see it. Wrapped in a white sheet, he must observe the lives of those who will live in his house. Will he be able to understand why he is being punished? Will it help those who need it? Very soon he will understand that next to her dwells is another soul of a woman who is not a woman. Is this a coincidence? Will these two help each other? While they can only observe how people live, without interfering in the usual course of events.

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