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It Comes at Night (2017) download

  • Year:
  • Country:


  • Director :

    Trey Edward Schultz

  • Stars :

    Joel Edgerton Christopher Abbott Carmen Edgio Riley Kio Kelvin Harrison Griffin Robert Faulkner David Pendleton Mikey Chase Joliet Mick O'Rourke

  • Genre :

    Detectives / Horrors

  • Premiere :


The end of the world has already come, but the real nightmare for the protagonist and his family is still ahead - to watch a horror film. It comes at night. While the world was devoured by an unknown epidemic, the hero managed to find a security island for his wife and child - The man took the family far into the woods, where in a lonely standing house hopes to wait for the madness that struck the civilization. The nature of the cataclysm is incomprehensible, which frightens even more, but the hero intends to protect native people from the horrors of the surrounding world at all costs. In the forest house, the man introduces strict orders and strict discipline, which terrifies his family, but protects him from the deadly dangers of the crazy humanity. However, the ring of darkness is narrowing every day and soon guests will appear on the doorstep, quite innocuous, but it is with the arrival of these uninvited outsiders that real horror arrives - horror film It comes at night, Joel Edgerton in the title role. On the threshold At home there are the same desperate, frightened people who ask for shelter. Here, in the forest, you can still be saved about madness, but by letting others in, the hero starts a chain of events that becomes a total test and the final proof of how far a normal person can go, what gloomy things to accomplish in order to protect the family. The film of horrors It comes at night - the story of a man who will protect his family by any methods and methods in a world that has crossed the threshold of the Apocalypse.

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