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My Cousin Rachel (2017) download

  • Year:
  • Country:

    UK USA

  • Director :

    Roger Michelle

  • Stars :

    Rachel Weiss Sam Cloughlin Holliday Granger Ian Glen Andrew Knott Vicky Pepperdine Poppy Lee Fryer Andrew Havill Attila J. Kerekesh Luis Syuk

  • Genre :

    Detectives / Dramas / Melodramas

  • Premiere :


The screen version of the novel of the same name by the famous Englishwoman Daphne du Maurier, which was first published in 1951 year. Daphne du Mmorie, or Lady Browning, wrote her books in the genre of a love thriller, successfully combining in her works the features of a female love story and classical suspense. Great popularity was brought to her by the fact that her first novel "Rebecca" was interested in the king of suspense Alfred Hitchcock, who shot a wonderful thriller. The second time Hitchcock screened Daphne's story "Birds", and this picture was one of the most successful and famous in the work of the Master. Du Maurier was a member of the British Royal Society of Writers, and also had many awards in the field of detective literature.
Her novel "My Cousin Rachel" has more than once been transferred to the screen. The first screen adaptation was made by Henry Coster and starred in it Richard Burton with Olivia Havilland. Then, in 1983, in the television project, the leading roles were played by such wonderful actors as Geraldine Chaplin and Christopher Gard.

The film takes place in Cornwall.

The main character is Philip Ashley. He was very orphaned at a very young age, and he was brought up by a cousin named Ambrose, who raised him in love and attention in his estate. Ambrose was a very sick man, and when his child was 24 years old, he decided to leave him in Cornwall, and he went to Italy to improve his health. There he meets Rachel - a young widow whose husband - an Italian count named Sangaletti died, left her with a loud title, but completely without the means. Rachel is cousin Ambrose, and besides, she is very beautiful and mysterious. Ambrose falls in love with a beautiful cousin and marries her. But his happiness spilled not very long, a year later and he dies, and Richel becomes a double-widow.

An inconsolable widow comes to the estate of her deceased spouse, who, however, is handed over to Philip Ashley by his will, but when he reaches 25 years of age. At first, Philip prejudiced against Rachel, whom he knew from his cousin's letters, and already then she aroused in him suspicions and dislike. However, soon he himself falls under her incredible charm Philip falls in love with the widow of his teacher. And although the mysterious circumstances of Ambrose's death torment him, he constantly tries to justify Rachel, seeking answers in her past. Having received the rights to the estate, Philip gives these rights, and in addition and other funds Rachel. And right after that, it starts cooling down to him before a completely ardent lover. And soon Philip begins the symptoms of the same disease, from which he died Ambrose ...

The film "My Cousin Rachel" does not give unequivocal answers to the question whether Rachel is guilty of a series of mysterious deaths of men who were around her. But in the end, it falls under mysterious circumstances from the bridge, getting injuries incompatible with life. In the hands of Philip she dies, calling him Ambrose's name ...

The mystery of the mysterious and fatal beauty has remained uncovered.

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My Cousin Rachel (2017) Film movie My Cousin Rachel (2017) download free torrent Full HD 1080

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