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Ghost in the Shell (2017) download


Watch from scratch a picture like "The Ghost in the Shell", the universe which has already fifteen films and serials, not being familiar with any of them (not to mention the actual manga) is both scary and interesting. It is scary because of his ignorance, because when evaluating you can accidentally give out some utter stupidity or absurdity, provoking a just outrage of the fans. And it is interesting, because you look like a film in its pure form, your impressions are no longer influenced by the established beliefs that this should be so, and this is completely different, that hero should now be in the "A" point, and Not a "B" and engage in a completely different, but that one, around the corner, the film should not be at all. Exactly the same approach to the picture, the plot as a whole, the actor's game.

However, speaking of the movie Rupert Sanders, it's still as if you step on the touch, constantly being afraid not to step there and not go there. Therefore, in my evaluation of this picture I will try to be as accurate and as short as possible, and leave a detailed analysis for possible continuation, when, perhaps, I will be guided in the world of "Ghost ..." better than now.

I liked the movie:

1. The world of the future in the style of cyber punk. Previously, he was absolutely not nice to me, but from a recent time, and especially after watching "The Blade Runner" began to find appeal in him. I also pay tribute to the artists: over the entourage, details and attributes of this world, they worked in the picture carefully, trying not to miss anything. The film is good as a large-scale, panoramic plans, and the backyard, alleys and interiors.

2. Total implementation of cyber technologies, including people and their brains, is difficult to call a new storyline, but in "Ghost in the Shell" it is played competently and interestingly. This line gives a lot of scope for further plots, because with the development of technology will improve and cyber-criminals, nowhere to go and want to establish total control, and therefore, confrontation here are expected to be tough.

3. Scarlett Johansson. I can not call myself her admirer, and after the Ghost in the Shell I'm not in a hurry to do this. Nevertheless, in this film, the claims are hard to show to her. It can be seen that Scarlett gave herself to work on the project one hundred percent, and the result is on the screen. Then the actress herself did a great job, and with the instructors she was lucky: the movements were verified to within a centimeter, the plastic was incredible, and in the fights Johansson surpassed herself, so here she is all clean, without the slightest blot. By the way, the choreography of the battles and, on the whole, was staged in the tape at a high level, the film was more carefully worked on, perhaps, only over the picture. There was something to play Scarlett and in terms of the character: her heroine is a complex, dramatic story, the discoveries in which, due to the past of Major, I think, have just begun. So even here to the actress, I think, there should not be any questions, the more she plays convincingly at Sanders.

4. Of course, the picture has someone to look at and except Johansson. Very well played by Juliette Binoche, however I will make a reservation, that here, probably, my orientation to this talented Frenchwoman has had an effect. And of course, what kind of screening manga without the Japanese? From their actor's assault in my opinion, out of competition Takeshi Kitano. If Johansson's role had not shot, the film could be bravely pursued for Kitano's sake. I would like it to be in the picture a little more, but in those episodes where he is present, the Japanese master is simply incomparable! Also, I would single out Johan Philip Asbeck, who plays Major's team-mate.

5. Music. A very good soundtrack was written by composers Lorne Belf and Clint Mansell: each composition flawlessly falls in the mood of a particular episode, giving them more strong emotions. Yes, and in general it is atmospheric, very suitable for the film.

Did not like:

1. Some simplicity of the plot, including the lines of the Major, where there is not enough intrigue, unexpected turns, everything is somehow simple and without tricks. However, here I am making a discount on the fact that the first film was filmed as well, and for such uninitiated in a subject like me, in order to introduce the case, to identify the main points, to introduce the main actors. I think, in the future, the universe of "Ghost ..." will acquire new details, details, characters, and there are still many interesting things for us.

2. A character who turned out to be one of the main villains and, accordingly, an actor playing it. Perhaps, this image was dictated by the manga, but it seems to me that in the opponents, Major should have a more charismatic, strong and intelligent personality. And in general, the problems that this negative hero creates as positive, insoluble and even very difficult can not be called. For the benefit of the film, its intrigue is not.

Here, in principle, and all that I wanted to say about the "Ghost in the Shell". I hope for a sequel and a new exciting story from this universe.

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