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La La Land (2016) download

  • Year:
  • Country:


  • Director :

    Damien Chazelle

  • Stars :

    Ryan Gosling Emma Stone John Legend J.K. Simmons Rosemary DeWitt Finn Whittrock Calli Hernandez Sonoma Mizuno Jessica Roth Tom Everett Scott

  • Genre :

    Dramas / Comedy / Melodramas

Director Damien Shazell for a couple of years turned from young and promising directors to talented and highly professional creators. To his 32 years he did not shoot a lot of films, but if you look at the number of nominations of "Obsession" with Miles Teller and La La Land with Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling, you might think that he's been brewing this for 30 years.

In total, the number of "Oscars" for these two films - 8, the total number of nominations - 10. But this is only "Oscars". There are also "Golden Globes", the British Film Academy awards and many others. If you pay attention to the musical component of Shazell films, let me compare it with Baz Luhrmann, who also shakes the viewer with the juiciness of his picture, the variety of costumes, elegantly selected music and driving production.

Probably in Hollywood it's already a tradition: once in a couple of years Gosling and Stone play in one movie. So it was in 2011 in "This stupid love", as happened in 2013 in the "Hunters for gangsters", it happened in 2016 in "La La Lande" - a film-musical, telling about a pair of young people who Look for themselves in the mecca of North American cinema, trying to implement each of their dreams, while sometimes stepping on their throats to their own convictions.

The first scene, on the bridge in a traffic jam, has already set the tone for all the rest of the action that happened on the screen, letting the viewer understand that from this film it is worth waiting for ease and when viewing just enjoy it. In the modern cinema there are a lot of criminal and superhero films, there are also kind, colorful and sometimes fabulous works. La La Land is just one of those. It is a bright and juicy movie, its attractiveness attracts the eye and tells of love, which happens not only in fairy tales and on the screen, but also in real life.

If you remember "This stupid love", you can draw some analogies with "La La Land", because, as there, and here the relationship on the screen between the characters Gosling and Stone develop in a romantic and very touching manner. At the same time, that same romanticism and touchingness develops against the background of their desire for success - She dreams of acting in films, He - owning his own jazz bar. But, as sometimes happens, achieving success leads to the fact that something has to be sacrificed.

Together with the positive songs and rhythmic dances that follow the characters on their heels throughout the film, Mia and Sebastian meet with disappointments, each in his own business, which is capable of breaking both faith in his dream and in each other. But if someone from a couple (not necessarily this, and in principle), is passionate about his favorite business and his second half so that he is ready to travel a great distance in order to convince her (half) not to change their priorities, That any difficulties in this case will be overcome.

The last few minutes of the picture - this is for someone a disappointment, for someone the truth of life. Believe me, there are examples, including personal ones, that the same sacrifice in the relationship, about which I wrote just above, takes place in real life and in La La Land it is shown as vividly as it can be. Under the seats amusing, but in the end very sad and sad composition Epilogue, the film comes out, probably, a natural ending for itself, emphasizing that the path to success can be joint. That's the way. And then ... Then just a slow stroke of fingers on the keys of the piano with eyes filled with an impossible dream and the hope that it is still possible to return ...

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