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The Man Who Knew Infinity (2015) download

  • Year:
  • Country:

    UK USA

  • Director :

    Matt Brown

  • Stars :

    Dev Patel, Jeremy Irons, Malcolm Sinclair

  • Genre :

    Biographies / Dramas

"We do not invent these formulas, they already exist, and they just wait for the brightest minds like Ramanujan to see them and one day they will be able to prove it." H.H. Hardy

The Man Who Knew Infinity is not a movie about mathematics or mathematics. At least, in order to watch it, there is absolutely no need to understand mathematics. For me it turned out to be a film about friendship, and the main character is not Srinivasa Ramanujan, as one might expect, and Harold Hardy, no wonder the film begins and ends with it. Of course, The Man Who Knew Infinity is a multifaceted movie, there are a lot of topics touched on - the theme of friendship, the theme of chosenness, the theme of creativity, the theme of religion, the theme of English chauvinism, domestic snobbery, and the list is not exhausted.

The theme of the thorny path of the one who is elected by the higher powers in order to bring to the world a special vision that is inaccessible to the rest is beautifully revealed by the Virgin of Patel in the image of Srinivasa Ramanujan. But the image of Professor Hardy seemed even more interesting to me. In the record of Jeremy Irons, there are many brilliant roles, but he has never touched my heart so much as in the role of a "married at work" mathematician of English making, for which for the first time in his life a person became closer, more expensive and more important than numbers. And especially impressed how subtly British snobbism was shown: full of good intentions and resting on his laurels of his own nobility, the professor sincerely believed that for an Indian to live in Cambridge, to be admitted to the university dining room, to sleep on a bed with white sheets and listen to the lectures of the Don Trinity- College - already beyond happiness, not subject to discussion. It did not occur to him that the very arrival for Ramanujan is not the fulfillment of a blue dream, but the Service, for which one has to pay the highest price.

It's incredibly difficult for people to see in themselves such a genius, to Professor Hardy one of the few succeeded, but at times it is even more difficult to see in a man's genius. And this discovery - and thus the awakening in myself of humanity - I think was for Professor Hardy no less important than the grandiose breakthroughs in breaking numbers, endless series or elliptical functions, performed in cooperation with Ramanujan. The awakening of love in the hardened heart of a loner, the sprouting of faith in the soul of a convinced atheist, the flame of internationalism among the ices of ice through a chauvinistic society - all this is shown in the film in such a way that it is impossible to come off.

In general, The Man Who Knew Infinity - a hypnotizing, addictive movie. Whether to thank for this music, the aesthetics of each frame, the atmosphere of Trinity College or the expressiveness of every person in the film, but this cinema absorbs, fills with its energy and then does not let go for long, leaving open the answer to the question: who is he, the person who has known infinity , - Srinivasa Ramanujan or Godfrey Harold Hardy? For me it is Hardy, who has known infinity through Ramanujan, in which infinity has been revealed to him in all the beauty of his absolute perfection.

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The Man Who Knew Infinity (2015) Film movie The Man Who Knew Infinity (2015) download free torrent Full HD 1080

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