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Table 19 (2017) download

  • Year:
  • Country:

    USA Finland

  • Director :

    Jeffrey Blitz

  • Stars :

    Anna Kendrick, Lisa Kudrow, Craig Robinson

  • Genre :

    Dramas / Comedy

The film "Table N 19" can be attributed to the genre of comedy and the genre of melodrama. Another question is how successful this comedy or drama is.

This is a story about Eloise, who comes to the wedding of a friend, where the best man - who threw her former, and even with a new passion under the handle. As it is easy to guess, she is at the table N 19 with a bunch of losers, each with her own skeletons in the closet: a married couple with problems in marriage, a nice old nanny, smoking grass, a "businessman" on conditional release and a teenager, , Where Eloise herself with her complete mess in her life fits perfectly.

In the course of events, the guests find out that they are sitting at the farthest and slop table where unwanted guests are put.

- How well do you know the bride and groom?
"I feel the toilet from here, that's how well I know them!"

Let's just say, at times amusing, but to the ridiculous, the more flamboyant is not enough. The movie begins as a comedy, but further melodramatism fills the whole space and breaks all harmony. Sometimes the film is very nice, but most of the time it's no. At first there are some jokes, and then the authors try to add humor to absurdities like "stumbled-fell." One might think that jokes were simply scored and rolled into a pure drama, but it feels like they are implied, just attempts are unsuccessful. You look at this movie and you think: "Well, when does something start to happen?" And 20 minutes before the end, the characters start to move, somewhere they are running and it seems that now everything will turn, but in the same minute it all ends . Thank you though for a more or less unexpected turn in the plot.

From the films with Anna Kendrick, unfortunately, you can often expect a vulgar and dull trash in which she does not hesitate to take part. In my opinion, for the most part, she does not know how to choose her role. It seems that she is in a hurry to appear in as many films as possible, while she is young. But in fact there was a nomination for "Oscar" (the truth, it seems to me, doubtful, but was the same). In this case, it is removed in a large amount of slag, such as "Wedding fumes". In "Stolik N 19", the degree of humor, on the contrary, is lowered, and, as a result, this movie is simply amusing in places, which, of course, is not a minus, given that it does not suck, and not a plus, because this idea could be Create a really funny comedy with melodrama notes. In fact, it turned out awkwardly. We needed situations, at least absurd, at least some, but instead - conversations, from which slowly draw with the world in a thread. But the right life themes are raised, thanks to which I want to give the film a chance.

A replica from the film can perfectly describe the impression of the film itself:

- Anything left?
- Nothing, except for a long melancholy, although it is pleasant.

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