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Life (2017) download

  • Year:
  • Country:


  • Director :

    Daniel Espinosa

  • Stars :

    Jake Gyllenhaal, Rebecca Ferguson, Ryan Reynolds

  • Genre :

    Thrillers / Horrors / Fantastic

Going to this film, I was ready to the fact that the entire film will constantly display the American flag, as, of course, happens in American, fantastic films. There was a pleasant surprise, because the characters in this story were the international composition of the team, and the whole film was also the flag of Russia (which was new and very pleasant to see in the American film) the flag of Britain and Japan. This little nuance is really very striking.

Watching this new, fantastic thriller, the audience is waiting for a mixture of films "Gravitation" and cult film Ridley Scoot of 1979 "Alien". Nostalgia for the latter was very strong when viewed. For some reason I was prepared to see something really topical and interesting, and I must say that the film pleased me.

Before us is the history of the crew of an international spaceship. In their hands was the first found organic life from Mars. Heroes begin to study it, and soon it turns out that friends or something iridescent Earth people do not expect from Mars, because the alien - the living entity was extremely aggressive and quickly adapting to everything ...

This film can only be accused of transience, but the picture is interesting, tense and very powerful. The fantastic film turned out gloomy, cold, frightening, but truthful, real and realistic. This is a pleasant triumph of the Swedish director Daniel Espinosa, because his fantastic film was successful.

What I liked and immediately catches my eye. The story itself has been shown to be twisted and unexpected, the viewer can not predict what will happen next, but personally I really love it when the story is like that. Characters are all good and strong, everyone becomes very close to the viewer and for everyone you experience. They are living, real, truthful emotions, real, not sleek conversations, which was nice to see. After all, in many American films, dialogues are often sleek and not believable. The actors' game was at a high level, so it turned out something worthwhile. The atmosphere in the film was so cold, realistic, and again there was nostalgia for the film "Alien", which was loved since childhood.

Each scene is honed, it's not accidental, and the director has carefully laid out everything on the shelves. It turned out to be a good, fantastic thriller, which you can safely watch with a second time. You can even make this movie more scale, even longer on the plot in the beginning. But what I liked and it was elegant - so it's the ending. Thank you!

Of all the characters, of course, most liked the character of Jake Gyllenhaal. It is for him that somehow you experience the most. American actor Gyllenhaal is one of the most respected actors of his generation. He is talented, charismatic, mega charming. As an actor, he is a great success for any film. Swedish actress Rebecca Ferguson I never liked, even in some films was unpleasant, but this is the first movie with her, where she opened up as an actress, and I appreciated her. With the history of her character was the most unexpected moment. Well, on the second roles were successful and pleasant actors in the face of the regular Ryan Reynolds and pleasant, having Olga Dykhovichna (an actress from Minsk).

If you are a connoisseur of fantastic films or cool blockbusters of this genre, then safely go to this new film. The picture is swirling, interesting, with a new tense history full of alien horror, frightening unknown species of life from other planets.

"Alive" - ​​American, topical, fantastic thriller with elements of horrors of 2017. The cinema is strong, but fleeting, interesting, but eerie, realistic, but extremely dramatic. I liked this movie, and I say yes to it. Thank you!

"It does not hate us." It seeks to survive, struggles for life, and we stand in its way. It will kill us all ...

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