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War Machine (2017) download

  • Year:
  • Country:


  • Director :

    David Michôd

  • Stars :

    Brad Pitt, Anthony Hayes, John Magaro

  • Genre :

    Military / Dramas / Comedy

On June 22, 2010, Rolling Stone magazine published an article in which four-star General Stanley McChrystal, a year earlier appointed commander-in-chief of US troops in Afghanistan, severely criticized the US government and individuals in the highest positions. On June 23, 2010, the general submitted his resignation on the instructions of Barack Obama himself. The resonance caused by this article did not leave the American community indifferent, and the Netflix platform took on the adaptation of the history of the uncontrollable general to big screens. Dedicated as many as sixty cartoons of green (a very large amount for baiopik) was enough to invite a number of familiar actors, led by Brad Pitt (who, in fact, made me pay attention to this picture) and the director of "Rover" David Michaud.

All attention is focused on the personality of General McChrystal, whom, in my opinion, Brad Pitt played more than convincingly. An old-tempered man, strict but fair, tough but friendly and in no way cruel hero Pitt, having received an appointment to Afghanistan, his duty is to finally finish the bloody war started by Al Qaeda and the Taliban, but meets resistance not with The parties of terrorists, but on the part of politicians who themselves do not know what they want from the stay of McChrystal in Afghanistan: whether to fulfill their direct duties, that is, to ensure victory over terrorist organizations, The real reasons for the presence of the American army in the territory of a foreign country. David Michaud is not afraid to reason with such a provocative theme, and with this film he makes it clear that he is more on the side of McChrystal than the US government.

In general, this film and bribes, in addition to the steep Brad Pitt, of course. Here there are no political odds and paid dialogues about the invincibility of the American army and other propaganda bullshit - on the contrary, Pitt's hero undermines the unutterable correctness of all the actions of the American government, criticizes them and tries to do something against it, and the soldiers subordinated to him ask logical questions a la " What have we forgotten here? "And" how do we with arms in hand help build a peaceful society in a foreign state? ". On the other hand, David Michaud somehow does not quite correctly state the essence of things and disposes of a rather interesting topic very clumsily. "Machine War" for long two hours of narration rushes between political satire, military drama and a biographical film, but to something concrete and does not come. In the last ten minutes in general, almost an insurgent begins, but this is purely justify the spent 60 cartoons, since the plot of this sortie neither acquired nor lost.

In principle, the whole movie is such that its viewing to you does not give anything much, but it does not bode you anything bad either. It is rather for American society, and General McChrystal is such a collective image that symbolizes this society. A society that does not need this war and who wants to get rid of it soon, but whose opinion depends little on it, because all parliamentarians in suits and presidential signatures on the papers decide, and the views of those disliked from among high-ranking officials are perceived with hostility, and they immediately go To have a rest on pension. And in their place come the new generals, and so in a circle. For the presented truthfulness and openness in the formulations of David Michaud can be praised, but I repeat that from the artistic point of view, the film of laurels can not be found. Painfully fresh and boring narrative turned out, and it was not determined with its belonging to a particular genre, which would be very difficult to interest an individual viewer who is not familiar with the history of General McChrystal.

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