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A Cure for Wellness (2016) download


One of the memorable factors in the new film, Hora Verbinski, "The Medicine of Health" is an expressive musical piece that literally imbues a truly mystical atmosphere into the palaces of which you want to immerse yourself from the first minute. Essence - carries a philosophical overtones through the brainwashed brain of people who are able to realize their destiny and the state of their physical health, mind and understanding of the meaning of life. Can a person admit to himself that something is wrong with him and go voluntarily to a clinic of uncertain value with a double-digit reputation? What motivates us - what are we meant for? These and other questions, the authors try to answer with a clear understanding of situations, driving them into the viewer.

It creates the feeling that you seem to know that you are going straight into the trap, but it only becomes more curious. Even after a hackneyed and highly scripted reception (when a hero or a heroine travels far to a little known area, pursuing a certain goal, passing along in the wake of a life-threatening nature), it is interesting to watch. Thanks to semi-historical interweaving, the plot changes and does not look very patterned and standard, moreover, from some unproven, directly unrealistic, action becomes something scientific and at the same time - anti-human.

The protagonist, not some "tin" character, the viewer describes in detail his history, habits, personal tragedy and incoherence. Dane DeHaan has excelled in the role, having felt the line between fiction and realism, he believes and he wants to empathize, besides, Lockhart is an indicative example of an individual who is able to draw conclusions and develop as the narrative progresses.

The film's picture is very expressive: beautiful landscapes, the internal structure of a huge hospital-castle with a real designer fiction and quirks of various adaptations. Almost every object of interior and environment, carries a semantic load and serves as an element of the puzzle. If you can find the exact description of the general visual series of the picture, the term - bright sterility, is ideal.

Morality at times, can be seen without unnecessary hints, and the gray nature of the benefits of a single person is shown basically - as it is, hypertrophied structurally only in the most stressful moments, increasing the intensity of psychology at times. But in such a move, there is one significant minus, making some events trivial. Particularly serious shortcomings of the tape is not, perhaps, the most significant - the lack of novelty.

As a result: an excellent soundtrack, suitable camerawork, fast-running timekeeping in the amount of nehily two and a half hours, excellent acting, direction and entourage, make the film though passable, but quite an entertaining one-time pastime.

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