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Mr. Right (2015) download

  • Year:
  • Country:


  • Director :

    Paco Cabezas

  • Stars :

    Anna Kendrick, Sam Rockwell, Tim Roth

  • Genre :

    Action / Comedy / Melodramas

The professional killer suddenly decided to quit the profession, with a very original way - now he kills his mercenaries. And very suddenly all this is interfered with by the love in the face of a voracious girl.

It's very strange, but the film always reminded me of "Ultra-Americans". Strangely, it's because I did not watch "Ultra American", but watched a couple of trailers. The similarity was not without reason - the films have one screenwriter, Max Landis. Now I'm afraid, as if "Ultra" was not such a dull spy movie with a claim to a comic thriller.

"The guy-killer" turned out to be a very weak film. At what on all fronts. Although the music is very playful and classy. But the rest ... The plot is simple, uncomplicated, uncomplicated, unfounded with details and details, characters of the characters, everything is shown very superficially and jocularly, especially brutal murders (which reminded me strongly of "Kingsman"). Well, it would be okay with him with the storyline, if there was entertainment, but here by - the fights were sometimes pretty beautifully put, but the twitchy, torn montage ruined everything, turning skilful fights into a mess from the frames that replaced each other on the most interesting moments . The sound of me, too, strained the whole film, since when the actors were in the premises, their voices were echoed in an unpleasant echo, as in empty rooms, which completely destroyed the rudiments of the atmosphere.

Anna Kendrick, who I really like, behaved somewhat uncertainly or on the contrary too much. Her fits of anger drunk or sober looked ridiculous and ridiculous (in a bad way).

Well, but Sam Rockwell, because of which I actually watched this movie, did not disappoint. Every moment with him is a joy for the eyes and for the soul. As usual, the very spontaneity and masculinity. His dances were a very pleasant bonus, and the jokes and jokes always caused a smile. Brutal cute.

Tim Roth is also beautiful, although he has a purely episodic role.

But, unfortunately, even their game did not hide the fact that the film is flat, uninteresting and shallow.

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