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Berlin Syndrome (2017) download

  • Year:
  • Country:

    germany avstralia

  • Director :

    Cate Shortland

  • Stars :

    Teresa Palmer, Max Riemelt, Lucie Aron

  • Genre :


A meaningful and piercing dramatic thriller from a prospective director, which will be enjoyed only by real connoisseurs of serious movies. Alas, but this is not a movie for the mass audience, although all the horror narrated in the film can touch any person. Unfortunately, in the modern world no one is protected from abductions and criminal actions of mentally disturbed and sick people. We live in a terrible time, when an absolutely normal day can turn into a real hell at one moment. This happened with the main character of the picture, when an ordinary tourist was a victim of a maniac.

The very story from the beginning to the end looks very frightening. Not everyone will be able to understand the horror of the events, but thanks to the talent of actress Theresa Palmer (For reasons of conscience, the warmth of our bodies, the Sorcerer's Apprentice, etc.), the viewer slightly uncovers the mystery of such cases. By the way, in this film in general the whole cast looks very convincing and believable, which can not but rejoice. Separately I want to note the growing success of the young actor Max Rumelt, who very successfully blended into the controversial series "Eighth Feeling". I'm sure that in a couple of years this actor will appear in many big Hollywood premieres, as the guy is enriched with talent both external and internal.

But why, for all the importance and genius of the project, the "Berlin Syndrome" loses many other similar pictures for the mass audience. And all because the surprisingly large timing will scare any ordinary viewer. Exactly two hours to look at the relationship of the kidnapper and the victim will stand not every sophisticated spectator. I am sure that the director wanted to reveal her characters in more detail, detailing all the details of the events. The film is really very detailed moves from one phase to another, detailing the focus on certain points.

Just want to note that the film is shot very nicely and competently. Separately, I will highlight bed scenes with nudity, which very colorfully and excitingly reveal the beauty of real eroticism. The play of light and the artistic part does its thing. The entourage of the apartment, the place of imprisonment of the heroine was chosen very successfully, pleasantly emphasizing the necessary color and atmosphere of the whole film.

Of course, you can still talk for a very long time, separately highlighting each department of the film crew, but one thing is clear that the film is worthy of universal attention. This is really a strong and powerful picture with a good script and a great acting game. The director's production at the limit of its capabilities perfectly demonstrated to us the genius of all that is happening. But, unfortunately, everything spoils timekeeping. If it were not for two and a half hours of the story, the film would have turned out to be strong, close-knit and dynamic, which would be very successful for a big rental. But, apparently, this was not the main task of the creators of the picture. Not the purpose of making money was pursued by the authors, but to share the painful ones, to solve the problem and to show the audience in all its glory what is happening to the evil painful time. A huge, complex and professional work was performed on the picture. Personally, I highly recommend to see it, but I make a note in advance that the film is very tight in the middle, so I do not advise watching it at night looking before going to bed, otherwise you will not wait for the exciting final.

Enjoy watching.

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