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Eat Local (2017) download

  • Year:
  • Country:


  • Director :

    Jason Flemyng

  • Stars :

    Freema Agyeman, Charlie Cox, Vincent Regan

  • Genre :

    Action / Comedy / Horrors

The film "Eat the local" - a fantasy comedy of horror about British vampires, their victims and pursuers.

On a dark dark night, a country house gathers for advice of notable British vampires who divided the island into hunting grounds. At the meeting, eight ghouls discuss the problems of a complicated life and quarrel, redistributing quotas and boundaries. Modern technologies and ubiquitous media have spoiled the life of monsters, and before that, fascinating hunting has become unsafe. It is now impossible to feed on the blood of mortals with impunity, but the precautions imposed by the head of the clan do not suit everyone.

The secret meeting accidentally visits the imprudent youth Sebastian, caught up with the sexual vampire Vanessa. Beauty wants to make a lover a vampire, but stubborn members of the community are against initiation. Now the poor man is threatened by the girl's fangs, but Sebastian does not intend to surrender. While ghouls catch a guy, a terrible house is watched by a squad of special forces - fighter planes. This night, the hunters are counting on destroying the vampire nest and killing monsters.

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